Chidinma – Direction Lyrics

Sometimes. i wanna think
but sometimes.
I find it hard to focus
sometimes i wanna pray buh most times i find it hard to mention a word.
I pack my bags and wanna leave
cos i cant take it anymore.
The road seems so far lonely
i have no friends and got no help
The enemy to me has lost itself there is no meaning in it


Confusion, or i should call it illusion,
Yea i need some direction. before its too late
Salvation, save me from frustration
no i dont nees starvation.
Buh many of your love

This time. im beside myself. lord help me to wait on you a second
each time i try to stand up tall. ill loose track the moment that i venture
My strength is small thats why i lose.
buh lord i know that you can make all my wishes to get through
i have no friends and got no help. its with you that i cant dare. therell be a reason for living.


I cannot stand anymore
i need your strength some more
hear me as i call!.
I cannot stand anymore
I need your strength some more
Hear me as i call.!

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