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Her full name is Amaka Okwuoha born 12th Feb, 1972. Amaka Okwuoha known professionally as Chioma Jesus is a Nigerian gospel singer and songwriter. She is popularly known for the hit song ‘Chioma ‘ which was released in 2003. Hails from Imo State, Eastern Nigeria. She was born in Abia state and is the eldest daughter of seven. Both her parents, Nze Euzebius Chukwumaeze Ebizie,Omeokachie 1 of Amanator and Lolo Dorathy Ebizie of Ogboza Autonomous Community died when she was really young leaving her and her siblings in poverty. She was a trader in the food industry before her rise to fame in the music industry.

Chioma Jesus is married to Evangelist Callistus Okwuoha and blessed with 3 children. Her musical career rooted in the church through her church choir where she started singing at the age of 9. She later not only became a soloist but also a chorus leader in the Scripture Union Fellowship in her church. Although she wrote her first song in Yoruba, she mostly writes Igbo and sometimes, in English language. In 2011, she released the hit song ‘Praise’. In 2019, she released an album titled ‘My Testimony’.

Long before gospel music became a financially rewarding genre, Chioma Jesus controlled the airwaves with worship songs that inspired anyone listening to sing along. It did not matter whether you understood what she was saying since she mostly sang in her native Igbo dialect. Still, her voice had a special way of touching and getting you to understand that higher power and being were reverted at that moment.

To accommodate people of other tribes and regions, Chioma Jesus learned other Nigerian languages and has incorporated them in her music. This has served her well in her career as she is now one of Nigeria’s most well-known gospel music singer. Her music has helped her travel far and wide and won her a myriad of awards.

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