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Dante Bowe is an American Christian worship singer, songwriter and worship pastor. Bowe is a member of the Bethel Music collective and the Maverick City. use this link below to get this gospel song from Dante Bowe which he titled All God’s Children.

Lyrics of All God’s Children

Yeah, hey

[Verse 1]
I’m praying that my mama don’t ever fall off the deep end
Praying that when she hears this songs she finds a healing
For my cousin Dominique, behind bars as a felon
I’m praying that she hears this, too
Shoutout to my grandma’s Sunday classes and her reading glasses
Wishing I was rich and famous and I can buy her houses
She lost my grandpa but this year (Yeah)
Man, I know that one’s hard
But at least he lived a good life (Yeah)
All glory to God
Now raising His praise ’till the walls fall down (That’s what we’re singing)
And if the walls don’t fall down, sing His praise anyhow
You know my daddy was a gangster, God turned him around (Turned him)
Now my daddy is a gangster, but with a robe and a crown (Hallelujah)

Hey, we’re all Gods children
We all need resurrection
A little taste of heaven
You set us free
Hey, we’re all created (Created to be)
To be a little complicated (A little complicated)
Ain’t nobody perfect
You set us free (You set us free)

[Verse 2]
Well, my brother told me he was a believer
I can see it in the future, prophecy ’till it happens
Giving up is not an option
My uncle Jeff still drinks until he falls on his face
But God’s hand is not short and it’s not too late (Not short, hey!)
Pray for the pastors, pray for the sinners (Pray, pray)
Doubters and believers, everything in between (Say something)
If we struggle, let’s struggle
But look out for each other (Look out)
We don’t know what we go through (Look out)
What we know is this

Hey, we’re all Gods children (Yes, we are)
We all need resurrection
A little taste of heaven
You set us free (You set us free, set us free)
Hey, we’re all created (Created)
To be a little complicated (Complicated)
Ain’t nobody perfect
You set us free (You set us free)
You set us free, oh

All glory to God
Glory to God, oh yeah
All glory to God

Pick up the phone and forgive them ’cause it’s worth it
Tell the person that you love that you love them
Follow the dreams that somehow laid aside
Be yourself walking all the way into the light
Before they’re dead and they’re gone give them roses
‘Cause there’s a gift in every day, in every moment
The only way that I know to redeem the time
Is make the best of the present, here and now oh
Make the best of the present here and now
All glory to God

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