Fat Joe – King Of Bronx

Fat Joe

Artist: Fat Joe

Title: King Of Bronx

Joseph Antonio Cartagena (born August 19, 1970), better known by his stage name Fat Joe, is an American rapper from the Bronx, New York. use this download link below to get this track from Fat Joe  which they title King Of Bronxand also use this link below to stream and download this song King Of Bronx by Fat Joe.



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Lyrics of King Of Bronx by Fat Joe


[Intro: KRS-One]
Music please
Yes, welcome to Jealous One’s Envy
We’d like to thank you in advance for purchasing this product
It is a Relativity Records product, artist Fat Joe
My name is KRS-One
And of course we’re gonna bring THE noise
Cause we can never be toys

[Verse 1: KRS-One & Fat Joe]
Yes I am the ultimate, uttering ultimatum’s for the fun of it
It appears to me you don’t know who you fucking with
You can’t see this with bifocals ’cause you’re local
Can’t hang with my vocals, better you fuck with Sonny Bono
Or Yoko Ono, but KRS oh NO NO
You might think you all that but I don’t give a fuck though
I’m rolling hard like God for the squad black
Packin them poppers bitch, where that money be at?
Aiyo I be the show stopper, as I shine like gold
Other rappers dull like copper, the certified fake nigga dropper
Which borough is the thorough
I know, do you know? Let me know I’m sayin though
The coke connector, sweating leathers with reflectors
Don’t get caught up in my sector
Or I’ma have to inject ya with a slab of this lyrical dope shit
Fake MCs and wannabe’s best to quote this
Fat Joe the true and living will prevail
Kingpin like Sonny up in Bronx Tale
Will I fail? I doubt it
I’m the nigga catching bodies, while other niggas fantasize about it
True indeed, behind my back MCs claim they can serve me
In my face they screaming, “We’re not worthy!”
Youse a has been, actually you ain’t been
I be touring while you be home taping
So what punk, you could battle in a second
Frankly the bottom line is where’s your hit record?
You claim I’m jocking, claim I’m on your dick, where’s your witnesses?
If I’m on your dick my name has got to be syphilis

“If you’re feeling lucky duck, then press your luck” – Jeru
“Up up up and away cuz I don’t play clown” – Kool G Rap
“If you’re feeling lucky duck, then press your luck” – Jeru
“Buck buck buck take that witcha on the way down” – Kool G Rap

[Verse 2: Fat Joe (KRS-One)]
As we proceed to lock it down, don’t get it fucked up
We be the kings of the Boogie Down
All we do is spark izm and get cash
Torturing MCs like that warden up in Alcatraz (bo! bo! bo! bo!)
It’s Fat Joe, yo you know my steelo
Get so much love, I’m payin sixteen on a kilo
Sending niggas outta town, still got control of the Boogie Down
Now how the fuck you sound? (Yeahhh)
Ain’t no army that could harm me or bomb me
C’mon G, you clowns ain’t got a fucking thing on me
I’m flashy like white linen (tell ’em)
Your rap is under pressure like two outs tied score in the 9th inning
I’m down with Kris and ain’t no stopping me
I’m out for Bronx and Monopoly with chicks on top of me
It’s My Philosophy, puffing Ls in the corridor
Slapping cops like [?] hitting whores in my laborator’
These motherfuckers don’t want it
(Word to mother Joe, these niggas don’t want it!)
“If you’re feeling lucky duck, then press your luck” – Jeru
“Up up up and away cuz I don’t play clown” – Kool G Rap
“If you’re feeling lucky duck, then press your luck” – Jeru
“Buck buck buck take that witcha on the way down” – Kool G Rap

[Verse 3: KRS-One]
Mercy, you wanna serve me but you ain’t worthy
My style is too curvy, what you telling me?
Bet your flimsy ass will go home after the battle and fondle your balls
With KRS-One up in your memory
I know your kind, you act like
You’re Mr. John Gotti the Don, but you’re just another bwotty mon
Telecro bwotty mon, how you collect
Rap magazine dating back to Tougher than Leather
The only reason you got such an extensive rap collection
‘Cause most of your rap mags are all stuck together
Watch what you say, watch what you said
When your skull gets cracked, what you gonna say crackhead?
Your file is dead, kneel to the rap God in bed
Before I slap you way Back in the Days like Ahmad
Don’t get me fed up or vexed up ’cause you’ll get set up
My crew don’t let up, I be dead up in this piece (tell em)
Recognize it’s BlastMaster KRS-One
For ten years, Fat Joe, chillin on the East

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