Lucky Dude – Buffalo Soldier

Lyrics Of Soldier by Lucky Dube

Stand for the truth you stand alone
Government will cover up
I saw a man sitting in a room
Holding a gun to his head
He said man oh man
What am I gonna do
I can’t change the past but I can change the future
If I pull this trigger right now, right here
Everything will be over
Not a day goes by I don’t see them in my dreams
Not a day goes by I don’t hear them screaming in my ears
Begging for mercy, pleading innocent
Since my heart is made up to be as cold
As the barrel of this gun I hold
I would pull the trigger anyway
I was a soldier, following instructions from a man
We have known as the general
So many medals, so many praises
Nothing can take away the guilt
That I feel inside me
Government covered up every crime we committed
Against human kind
Not a day goes by, I don’t see them in my dreams
Not a day goes by, I don’t hear them crying in my ears

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