Lucky Dude feat. Sharamutha – Sin Of D Flesh Lyrics

[Lucky Dude Lyrics]


“Sins Of The Flesh”
(feat. Sharamutha Express Choir)

I lie awake at night
And I think about it
Where I have been
And who I’ve been with
‘Cause all around me
I see them dropping like flies
Everytime they tell us
We say it doesn’t exist
And all we wanna do
Just to have some fun
Reverand Jackson says
The time has come
That the holy book
Has been talking about
The good Rev. also said
Where there’s pleasure
There will always be danger
On his knees I heard him pray so hard
He said God save your children

Save us from the sins of the flesh

Things we have learned
From our good & loving parents
When temptation comes
It all becomes useless
Like an ashtray on a motorbike
Everything you do remember
The body bag hangs
Next to the first aid kit
It’s your life
It’s your world
I’m just passing through
Reverand Jackson said
The time has come
That the holy book
Has been talking about

[Chorus: till end]

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