Lucky Dude – Group Of Area Act Lyrics

“Group Areas Act”

If I’m dreaming don’t wake me up if it’s a lie don’t tell me the truth

‘Cause what the truth will do, it’s gonna hurt my heart
Being in the darkness for so long now
Mr. President, did I hear you well Last night on TV
You said:
The group areas act is going Apartheid is going [x2]

Ina me eye me sight the future so bright
I mean I my eyes
I see the future so bright

When the blackie manna coming together
With the whitey manna [x2]
Whitey manna coming together with the blackman


Gazing at my crystal ball I see the future so bright
The fighting’s gonna stop now
We’ll forgive and forget I know Mr. President
You can’t please everyone
But everybody liked it
When you said

Group areas act is going
Apartheid is going [x2]

[Chorus: till fade]

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