Monie Love – Born 2 Breed

Monie Love
Monie Love

Born 2 B.R.E.E.D. is a 1993 single by British rapper, actress and radio personality Monie Love. Check out Born 2 Breed by Monie Love on [] use this link below to Download Born 2 Breed by Monie Love.



Lyrics of Born 2 Breed by Monie Love

[Verse 1]
I’m a mother that gave birth young, so what about it
Does it mean right away that I’m wrong
All in due time, well my time is right now
So don’t ask me who, where, what when or how
I know I got me and a good partner beside me
One that will never try to desert of defy me
So who are you to tell me how to run my family
I can plan it by myself, I need nobody planning me
‘Cause yeah I might be young, but my stability’s correct
Everything about my little one I must protect
What she sees, what she hears, and everything surrounding
A decent state of mind is what my daughter will be found in


Born 2 B.R.E.E.D.
Young mother be thankful, be strong
The fact that you’re young, it ain’t wrong
A mother I will try to be
Tha fact is, I was born 2 B.R.E.E.D.

[Verse 2]
So tell me what do the kids learn at school
How to pack a pistol, how to play a class fool
Then they blame the parents when the kid plays hooky
Subject to getting shot is something that I wouldn’t want to be
Maybe it is safer to stay within your home
Protecting yourself from getting a bullet within your dome
It’s something to think about, the word safe
I often wonder if there exists such a place
Whether on a bus, a train, or plain walkin’
You’re subject to the devious ones that might be hawkin’
I’ll teach my child to respect every day as a blessing
And follow the path of her future lesson by lesson


[Verse 3]
So ask me again if I need ghetto assistance
There’s food on my table and my baby’s not wearing piss pants
I could teach my child more at home that you could ever
Corrupt the youthful mind I produce, that will be never
This one will learn from me, the other babies too
‘Cause what you teach is censorship, I want to teach what’s true
So bother me not with our by the book method
If I was already deaf I would be getting deafer
I know exactly what I’m doing, in it I believe
My life is in my offspring ‘Cause I was born 2 B.R.E.E.D.


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