My Lord my God, why have you forsaken me? – Nigerian man mourns death of his only son

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My Lord my God, why have you forsaken me? – Nigerian man mourns death of his only son

A Nigerian man, Fred Teer Mop, who lost his only son, Abraham, has shared heartbreaking posts on Facebook. 

In one of the posts, Fred, who laid his son to rest two days ago, revealed that his dream was to offer him to God to serve as a priest in the Catholic Church.

“My Lord my God, why have you forsaken me? I thought a day will come; then I will kneel before you oh Lord and testify of your goodness and mercy in thanksgiving and your name shall be glorified,” he wrote.

“Sadly, my sufferings and sacrifices have all gone in vain. You have made me a laughing stock before the enemies. Rest in peace BABA my dear son. Your death no doubt may shorten my days on earth. Go my son, am coming behind you,”

“Aondo Ter Sha Mimi yo u hemba. Dear beloved son, I and your mum prayed to God everyday for you ( male child) to come to this world through us; God answered our prayers after several years and you finally came amidst wide jubilations

“Then I gave you the name SON-SHATER(We asked through Christ) and we presented you to God in appreciation through the HOLY BAPTISM and gave you the name “ABRAHAM” meaning ” Father of all nations” been the reason we fondly call you BABA. My dream for you was to offer you to God to serve in his vineyard as a PRIEST IN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, a dream I couldn’t actualized myself. 

“But your days on this earth were majorly characterized by a lot of health challenges; I sacrificed all in order to make sure you stay alive but God has finally said “NO” you should go and rest with him leaving my dreams shattered and my sufferings and sacrifices all in vain. 

I have lost almost everything now. I thought I was a strongman until your death. Infact, in less than 24hrs after your demise, I have contemplated suicide twice. Standing helplessly watching your lifeless fresh body lowered into your final abode remains a dream to me.

My heart is completely broken.

“Only God who allowed this to happen can fix it back. The pains and trauma is seemingly too much for me to handle. How I wish you return back to life and see what your mum, I and your siblings(sisters) are going through right now. Indeed, God has proven superiority over life once again. Who are we to question him? Aondo Ter Sha Mimi yo u hemba we tswen. BABA za dedoo se mba van,” 



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