R Kelly – Freaky Sensation

R Kelly
R Kelly

Use this Download link below to get this nice hit from King of R&B R Kelly which he titled At The Same Time and also Stream and Download Freaky Sensation by R Kelly. R Kelly is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer.

Lyrics of Freaky Sensation by R Kelly

U give me a freaky sensation

Girl u gve me a freaky sensation, when ever I’m around u my baby
It’s so amazin how u do yo body, I’m so impatient when it comes to doin yo body
I can’t wait till I hear moan baby, like ooo baby oo baby, I can’t wait until I get u home baby,
To do u baby do u baby, the way u do make me rise up, make me want to put u in a position wanna cut yo thighs up,
Shake it boo boo let it go, it’s out of control

Girl u give me a freaky sensation, u give me a freaky sensation, when ever I’m around u girl, I get a freaky sensatiom(from u baby)

Up & down that pole doin the things u do, bout to lose it babe gon make me attack u
When u roll yo hips like that, when u move yo booty like that, when u set it on me like that, keep it rite there just like that, u got me so gone,
That pussy like sunshine, and I’m never goin home, I can’t wait until I hear u moan, like ooo baby oo baby,
And I can’t wait until I get u home baby to do u baby(do u baby) any excuse to keep u around me baby, any thing to keep u beside me baby
I dot care what it takes, what u do when I awake, I want some more of that back to back

U give me a (baby u give me a) freaky sensation, girl don’t never stop it, cause I like it,
Baby u give me a freaky sensation(yeah a freaky sensation)

Baby what u say we both get naked, freak up in the bed til we judt can’t take it
Then after that we frak a little more, then after that we blow a little drow
It’s kinky it’s freaky we doin all types of tricks, I pull my pants down & u go straight to th dick
Then I pull yo pants down then I go straight for the pussy & we hi from smokin that (ahh) & we then we drunk from drinkin that(ahh)
All the way from the bedroom babe, down stairs to the kichen babe
Baby girl u drive me crazy babe, freaky sensation babe.

Girl u give me a freaky sensation(u give me girl) freaky sensation
All I want all I need is a freaky sensation
Oh what a feelin I get when I’m around u, u give me a freaky sensation


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