Reminisce – Outro


Artists: Reminisce

Title: Outro

Album: Baba Hafusa

Released: 2015

Category: 9jahits

Country: Nigerian

Remilekun Khalid Safaru, known by his stage names Reminisce and ALAGA IBILE, is a Nigerian versatile musician, singer, rapper, songwriter, and actor from Ogun State. Use this link below to Download this track from Reminisce which is title Outro and also use this link below to Stream and Download Outro  by Reminisce.



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Lyrics of Outro  by Reminisce


It’s zero degrees outside
And I go by TLamar
I’m in the studio with no shoes on
Jus brainstorming
I was just sitting back reminiscing (Reminiscing)
All the friends I had back then they turned on me but that’s not convincing
(That’s not convincing)
Had to stop talking and sit back and listen (Sit back and listen)
When I stop calling all the love went missing (Love went missing)
But that’s okay ima jus keep balling like I’m a piston (Keep ballin’ like I’m a piston)
Not doing so great but hey I’m still living
(Hey I’m still living)
No I ain’t ashamed I know this life’s a given (This life’s a given)
No I don’t forget but yet I’m still forgiving
I don’t get it
Who am I kidding
(Who am I kidding)
I grew up hangin around wit some real niggas
My time is coming it’ll be here in a minute
Ima keep on working cuz the sky’s the limit
No hating nigga knocking me off my pivot
I keep a healthy spirit
Even when I’m going thru it
Gotta make sure I count my digits
When I cut my my family off they thought that I was wicked
I smoke so much ion even know when I’m lifted
I’m heaven sent I’m gifted
Can’t focus on you when I’m used to winning
Don’t seek forgiveness when you out here sinning
It’s okay my nigga jus mind your business
I’m breaking all rules like I’m in the Guinness
Ima be great I swear the lord is my witness
I run to the money that is my only fitness
Shout out to 40 dev and tav I can jus call em when I need em
Milton DWat and James you fuck wit em I’ma beat em aye
Trell that’s my brother even tho we don’t see eye to eye
But that’s okay cuz when we on then we gone let it slide
You know I got my brothers posted up on sunnyside aye
Leachy and irfan wit me coasting in the ride
Meechy and sunny we rolling up we getting high aye
Bravo and jlord in the cut counting the guap
And you know dreamteam keem wit me up in the trap
Kenny keno and busa yeah they in the back
JMerch and 4oe gone find a way to make it stack
My lil brother and tony they gone flip a pack
I can keep going about my bruthas
But it ain’t really no discussion
Errbody they love us they know we came up from nothin
Came up from being the man now I’m alone so I don’t trust nun
Yeah, yeah, no I don’t trust nun
The soul 3, More about me

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